These Walls Were Made For Walking

Two spaces in Augsburg. The left one is a shopping mall near the train station, the right one is a pedestrian tunnel to Pfersee, painted in fancy colors, with classical music playing in the background (no kidding). It has recently been opened up: the wall to the right on this picture is now gone, the music is gone and pedestrians can enjoy the view and sound of the cars passing by.

 (both with GF-1 and Olympus 45mm/1.8)


Berlin’s Most Beautiful

Nofrete (engl. Nefertiti), sometimes referred to as Berlin’s most beautiful woman, cannot be photographed anymore. The guard told me that they were not able to make tourists switch off their flashes, therefore they completely forbid photography in the room. So here is not THE really famous head but another one – a nice version with her husband Echnaton in the back.

(NEX-7 with Sony E 50mm/1.8 @ F2.0, 1/40, ISO 200, cropped)

Neues Museum, Berlin


Pharaoh Echnaton and his wife Nefertiti radically changed art in their times (as well as religion), i.e. around 1350 BC. From the geometric and symbolic to the fluid, smooth, personal. To be admired in the Neues Museum, Berlin.

This one is not from the Echnaton era but still quite touching 🙂

(NEX-7 with Sony E 50mm/1.8)

The Sony E 50mm with its wide aperture (F1.8) is really useful under indoor conditions, whereas the two Sigma lenses (30mm and 19mm) with F2.8 are more problematic (although the 30/2.8 lens is an excellent performer, read Steve Huff’s enthusiastic post if you are in doubt). The newly announced Sony E 35mm/1.8 lens will be a welcome addition to low-light NEX photographers.